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360 degree Virtual Tours on the ground and from the air.

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Sunday Hill, near Baker's Hill, Western Australia

Promotional video production for Real Estate


Below are some examples of recent work, ranging from a ski hut in Switzerland, a Villa in Tuscany as well as local Real Estate and locations around Western Australia.

Safety First

The most important consideration before any operation is conducted is the safety of the operator, the client and the general public. We have stringent regulation in place, and follow procedures as set out by CASA to ensure that every flight is as safe as it possibly can be.


About Vortex Sky Media

We are a Perth-based multi-media production company, licensed by the CASA to provide aerial photography and videography for real estate, construction and mining.
0408 218 191
P.O.Box 2154, Perth 6069
ABN 44 048 837 590
RPA Operator's Certificate CASA.ReOC.0985

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11 January 2019
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