Safety comes first.

The most important consideration before any operation is conducted is the safety of the operator, the client and the general public.

Prior to commencement, the Chief Pilot (Tom Niedrich) will conduct a feasibility check in accordance with CASA requirements (see below).

Once the basic criteria have been satisfied we can proceed with a JSA (Job Safety Analyses).

Depending on the operation, a risk assessment may also be required, including mitigation strategies and emergency procedures.


Licences cover CASA, Health and Safety, First Aid and more.

CASA.ReOC.0985 RPA Remote Operator's Certificate

ARN/RePL 1036636

Aircraft Radio Operators Certificate of Proficiency (AROCoP)

First Aid Certificate HLTAID001

License to perform high-risk work WL 3294077

CPCCOHS1001A Work Safely in the Construction Industry No. 1026104


Specialised Operations: - Unless otherwise permitted by CASA, the Remote Pilot must ensure that the drone is not operated;

  • in cloud, or in conditions other than day Visual Meteorological Conditions
  • Operations above 400ft Above Ground Level
  • Operations beyond visual line of sight
  • Operations over a populous area
  • Hazardous Operations to another aircraft, another person or property.


The Remote Pilot must ensure the RPA is not operated in restricted or prohibited airspace unless otherwise permitted by the authority controlling the airspace. All operations must be in accordance with any conditions imposed by the controlling authority. The Chief Remote Pilot is responsible for ensuring that operations are not planned, or approved for such areas. If required, contact property owners of land located within intended flight.


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We are a Perth-based multi-media production company, licensed by the CASA to provide aerial photography and videography for real estate, construction and mining.
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RPA Operator's Certificate CASA.ReOC.0985

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